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Artwork Submission

Hey DQM,


My name is Kel and I am an artist based in the UK. I create vibrant portraits of drag artists in oil and I would like to submit some of my artworks for consideration. My two submissions are of Trixie Mattel but I have also painted a number of other queens that you also represent. These can be seen on my instagram @kelendersart. I am able to provide high resolution photographs of all artworks. Below I have included photographs of the original paintings as well as some mock up ideas. 

Sitting Alone in the VIP

My first submission is a niche but iconic look from Trixie. She recently worn this look again in an episode of Unhhhh. When posted on Instagram, a fan made the comment below and it received many likes from fellow fans. I feel that my painting would work well not only as a poster or canvas print, but also on a black crew neck t-shirt


Original Painting

Poster / Canvas Print Mock


T-Shirt Mock

Classic Trixie


My second submission is classic Trixie. The original painting is on an oval canvas and I think it would work well on a magenta or light pink t-shirt. It could be printed as a solid oval shape or could be slightly faded around the edges, similar to the mock ups below. 

Original Painting


T-Shirt Mock - Magenta


T-Shirt Mock - Light Pink

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